Ted Van Vliet


Van Vliet


Ted Van Vliet has been working for the City of Toronto developing and administering zoning bylaws, municipal bylaws and building regulations since 2007. He has held various positions with the city, including technical advisor to the chief building official, project co-ordinator and manager of the Sign Bylaw Unit. In these positions, Ted has led a number of initiatives such as developing the Third Party Sign Tax and amending the City of Toronto Act and the Municipal Act, which greatly enhanced the ability of municipal governments to regulate outdoor advertising and signage. He was also a 2016 Toronto Ombudsman Award winner for his work on the development and implementation of improvements to the city’s sign variance process. Ted holds a bachelor's degree in urban and regional planning, a master's degree in environmental science and management and diplomas in economic analysis and project management. He is also registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing as a Building Official (in the Supervisor/Manager category).