Editorial Work Placement LIBA 9110

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Our hands-on Editorial Work Placement course helps you gain experience in a real work environment. Practice your skills at established magazines, newspapers and publishing companies in order to increase your chances of finding editorial work.

You must complete 45 hours of work experience within the term in which you are registered. For more information, read the Editorial Work Placement frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Course Delivery Method:

This is normally an off-site course but will be offered temporarily online.


You must have completed our LIBA 9102 Production Editing course and our LIBA 9332 Proofreading course and our LIBA 9361 Structural and Stylistic Editing course and our LIBA 9362 Editing Today: Beyond Traditional Publishing course and our LIBA 9294 Copyediting course and you must have a cumulative grade average of B (73%) or better.

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