Flash Photography PHOT 9064

On Campus

Our Flash Photography course teaches you how to create well-lit images under any lighting circumstances. Learn how to use on- and off-camera flash to take both natural and dramatic photographs without the restrictions of ambient light or studio set-ups. Explore flash settings, movement capture, how to use existing light and when to use flash light modifiers. Practice taking indoor, outdoor, and on-location photos using on- and off-camera flash as well as multiple-flash photography.


Course Essentials:

You must have a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) or mirrorless camera with manual control. In order for you to maximize your learning experience, we also strongly advise you to have at least one external flash unit (preferably two) that you are able to remove from the camera.


You must have completed our PHOT 9066 Digital Photography 3: Lighting and Composition course or our PHOT 9067 Portrait Photography course or you must have a similar level of experience.

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Delivery Method: On Campus
Visual Arts and Design Department
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