General Legal Process and Powers and Duties 2012 BLDG 9290

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Our General Legal Process and Powers and Duties 2012 Daytime course is an overview/refresher course for experienced practitioners. This building code course covers material from four qualification exams offered by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH): General Legal/Process, Powers and Duties of a Chief Building Official, Designer Legal/Process, and Powers and Duties of a Registered Code Agency. The curriculum reviews key parts of the Building Code Act and Volume 1 of the 2012 Ontario Building Code Compendium as well as the provisions of Parts 10 and 11 of the Ontario Building Code.

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Course Delivery Method:

This version of the course is held during the day at an Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) location.

Course Essentials:

You must bring a copy of the 2012 Building Code Compendium to the first class. The compendium is available for purchase through the George Brown College bookstore, at our Building Code and Trade Manuals website and at the Publications Ontario website. The General/Legal Process 2012 workbook will be provided during the first class and is included in the cost of this course.


You must have a general understanding of the building construction process and basic blueprint reading skills.

Additional Information

Disclaimer: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) exams are not included in this course. Visit the Ontario government’s building code web page for certification information.

Hours and Fees




$576, includes a non-refundable materials fee of $311 [workbook/manual]

Course Sections

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