Medical Keyboarding OP 9024


OntarioLearn description: This course is designed to familiarize the user with beginning medical keyboarding, advanced keyboarding, medical language, grammatical and office skills. It includes case histories, a variety of medical reports, technical terminology and timed writings. These exercises will help the learner increase their knowledge of terms they will encounter on-the-job, and will improve their keyboarding speed and accuracy. A very brief introduction to Medical Transcription is included.


Course Delivery Method:

This is an OntarioLearn online course delivered via the OntarioLearn Portal. Teacher support will be available via email, and technical support will be available via phone.

Course Essentials:

The teacher will provide the online link for accessing the course manual and the Windows-compatible keyboarding software used for timings, at which time an additional fee will be required (see Fee). Macintosh users will be provided with information on the method required to complete timed writings.


You be able to type a minimum of 30 words per minute (with five or fewer errors). If you do not meet this minimum requirement, you must improve your keyboarding skills before you register for this course.

Hours and Fees




(PLUS separate fee (approx. $100) for course manual and keyboarding software)

Course Sections

Delivery Method: Online
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