Nail Technician Program


Our Nail Technician Program teaches you everything you must know to become an expert in manicures and pedicures. Working with professional products, develop the skills you need to perform both classic manicures and classic pedicures. Build on that training by learning the advanced techniques involved in spa manicures/pedicures and gel polish applications. Explore current nail art and gel enhancement trends. Practice what you learn by performing services – on classmates, models and clients – in the classroom and in the school spa. Finally, learn how to create a professional resumé and prepare for a formal interview. This esthetics program gives you the knowledge and techniques you need to be able to work at the highest level of professionalism.

For more information, read the Pre-registration Considerations for School of Makeup and Esthetics Students.


Program Essentials:

This program requires you to work on other students and to let other students work on you in order to gain the skills you need to work on models and clients. You will also be required to bring your own model on occasion and for practical exams. The courses in this program have a dress code (including a uniform) and require you to purchase our manicure/pedicure kit from the Makeup and Esthetics Student Store.


You must have completed grade 12 English. (An approved equivalent is also acceptable.)

Completion Details

Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate.

Certificate Stream

Core Courses (Three)

Completion order is only limited by course prerequisites:

Additional Information

The total tuition for the three courses is $2,243. The total cost of supplies (including the esthetics uniform and manicure/pedicure kit) is $610.20. Total program cost: $2,853.20

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