Registered Practical Nursing Diploma Completion Program


Our Registered Practical Nursing Diploma Completion Program is a bridging program that takes you from a certificate to a diploma while meeting the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) competency guidelines for registered practical nurses (RPN). The unique series of courses can be completed in anywhere from 10 months (in its compressed format) to 36 months. This nursing program emphasizes holistic care, cultural diversity/sensitivity, critical thinking and reflective practice. Courses take a patient-focused, family-centred and interprofessional approach. Current research, adult learning principles, social justice, best practices and lived experience provide the foundation for learning.


Program Delivery Method:

This program is offered in a flexible format: courses may be offered during the day, on weekends or during the evening and may be available through in-class, online or hybrid deliveries.

Intake Date(s)

September, January and May

Admission Requirement(s)

You must secure formal admission (see How To Apply) before you can register for courses. Admission will only be considered if you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a practicing RPN in good standing with the CNO.
  • You must have proof of registration with the CNO.
  • You must have a resumé/curriculum vitae (CV) outlining your previous nursing education and practice.

How to Apply

You must complete the Registered Practical Nursing Diploma Completion PDF application form. Your completed application form and the required documents must be sent to Gayle Bradley at You will receive an email response within 10 business days (excluding college closures) of the day we receive your application. The required documents must be scanned copies and not photos.

If you are accepted into this program, your letter of acceptance will include a personal academic plan (developed specifically for you) containing the list of courses you will be required to complete. The timeline for completing your courses is individualized based on your specific needs. You may also be eligible for available bursaries/financial assistance, including the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO) nursing education initiative. For more information, contact the Continuing Education Nursing department.

Completion Details

You must complete at least one course through distance learning (online delivery). Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a practical nursing diploma.

Certificate Stream

Core Courses (Thirteen)

One of these must be completed in your first term:

One of these must be completed in your first term:

Completion order for all others only limited by course prerequisites. One of these:

One of these:

One of these:

All of these:

One of these:

One of these:

One of these:

One of these:

All of these:

One of these:

One of these:

Clinical Placements (One)

This must be completed last (after all other core requirements and your Requisite health form):

Elective Courses (Choose One)

Electives may have two versions (delivery options), but only one can be put toward the diploma.

Additional Information

Disclaimer: George Brown College reserves the right to add or delete programs and/or courses and to change campus locations and/or clinical placement sites depending on enrollment numbers and/or the availability of sites. Clinical placement site assignment is entirely within the discretion of the college and is based on availability. You may be required to travel up to 150 km from the college to complete your clinical placement. George Brown College reserves the right to alter program requirements due to legislative changes and/or changes in the requirements of clinical placement providers or the CNO.

Disclaimer: Our GHUM 1077 Cultural Approaches to Health Care and Healing course meets a core course requirement and, therefore, cannot also be used to fulfill an elective course requirement.

Contact Information


Gayle Bradley, Co-ordinator (Post-RN and Academic Pathway)