TSSA Gas Technician 3

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) offers the Gas Technician 3 licence (G.3 licence). A G.3 licence allows you to work as a technician within the gas service industry under the direct supervision of a G.1- or G.2-licenced gas technician.

Individuals who complete the TSSA-approved G.3 training and pass the related provincial qualification exam are eligible to receive the G.3 licence from the TSSA. The TSSA awards the licence. However, George Brown College Continuing Education has been recognized by the TSSA as an approved provider of both the Gas Technician training courses and the required provincial qualification exams.

For more information about the G.3 licence, visit the TSSA Training and Certification web page.

Completion Details

You must meet the attendance and grade requirements specified on each course's web page to qualify for the EX 01 TSSA Gas Technician 3 Exam. You must also achieve 75% or higher on the EX 01 TSSA Gas Technician 3 Exam to qualify for the TSSA G.3 licence. If you have passed our HVAC 9043 Gas Technician 3 Theory Challenge Exam Preparation (Distance Learning) course or you wish to challenge the exam without completing the training course, you can register for EX 9000 TSSA Gas Technician 3 Exam: Challenge instead of completing the course requirements listed here. If you pass the challenge exam, you will be required to complete a practical skills assessment conducted by a TSSA Training and Certification advisor.

Certificate Stream

Module 1: Core Courses (One or Two)

This meets the first requirement (complete only this one):

These also meet the first requirement (complete only these two):

Module 2: Core Courses (One)

Additional Information

Disclaimer: The G.3 licence is awarded by the TSSA. The information provided here does not represent the extent of the requirements for the G.3 licence. The requirements are set by the TSSA, not George Brown College, so you must follow the process listed on the TSSA website and meet the requirements applicable to you to achieve the G.3 licence. TSSA policies are subject to change without notice, and George Brown College is not responsible for any information errors or inaccuracies that result from a change in TSSA policy.

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