Clinical Pre-Placement Office

Continuing Education courses involving clinical placement hours have medical and other requirements that you must meet before you can be placed. George Brown College requires students in these courses to show they meet these requirements by completing a mandatory program-specific pre-placement health form and having that form (and all required documents) reviewed and validated through Placement Pass by ParaMed. This process is managed through our Placement Pass by ParaMed portal. If you have any questions regarding your health form requirements or would like to book an appointment to visit the clinical pre-placement main office, contact Suzette Martinuzzi, Clinical Pre-placement Co-ordinator.

Clinical Pre-placement Health Forms

Medical Requirements

Book an appointment with your doctor/walk-in clinic. Bring your health form to your appointment, and advise your doctor to sign and stamp your health form documents upon completion of all medical requirements. Read the detailed instructions on the health form for your course.

Additional Requirements

Basic Life Support (BLS) or CPR (Level HCP) Certificate

You must complete your Basic Life Support (BLS) or CPR (Level HCP) Certificate requirements through one of the providers approved by Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Ontario to deliver emergency and standard first aid.

Vulnerable Sector Check

It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive your vulnerable sector check result prior to the submission deadline. If you do not have the proper record with your submission, you will be excluded from placement, which may jeopardize your academic status in the program. It is recommended you act as soon as possible since it may take up to 6 weeks (or longer) to process. Most police services are not providing in-person submissions or expedited services due to COVID-19 restrictions.

For students who reside in Toronto:

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the process has changed. If you need to apply for your vulnerable sector check and you currently reside in the Toronto region with a postal code that starts with the letter M:

  • You must send an email request for a vulnerable sector check application form to Suzette Martinuzzi, Clinical Pre-placement Co-ordinator, at and include your full name, your student ID number, your program name and the term.
  • Once you receive your vulnerable sector check application form in your email, you must print it on legal-size paper (8.5 by 14 inches) only. No other format or size will be accepted. Fill out and sign all the sections of the application form, and make sure that your writing is clear and legible.
  • Obtain a bank draft/money order for $20 payable to the Toronto Police Service. (Keep your bank receipt as your proof of payment.) No other payment method will be accepted.
  • Obtain a photocopy of a piece of government-issued photo identification (for example, a driver's licence or passport).
  • Mail your completed application form, payment and copy of your identification directly to this address:
    Toronto Police Service
    Attn: Information Access
    40 College St.
    Toronto, ON M5G 2J3

The Toronto Police Service takes 4 to 6 weeks (or longer) to process your form and mail the results of the vulnerable sector check directly to your home address. If you do not receive your vulnerable sector check results after 6 weeks, you must email the Toronto Police Service directly at and provide your full name, date of birth, correct address and the date you sent your form to them.

For students who reside in another region or province:

If you live in another region or province, check your specific regional police services website (for example, Durham, Halton, Hamilton, Peel or York) and read their instructions carefully to learn about their requirements and the process for obtaining their application form. If you need a volunteer letter from the college in order to be eligible for the student fee, contact Suzette Martinuzzi, Clinical Pre-placement Co-ordinator. It could take up to 6 weeks for the police service to process your application.

Placement Pass Health Form Costs

All costs, service fees and fines associated with the pre-placement process (including those related to the Placement Pass by ParaMed portal) are your responsibility and must be paid by you. The following table lists the current estimated costs involved in completing your Placement Pass health form. This list is for reference only. This may not constitute the extent of fees encountered and (for those costs outside of ParaMed) are estimates only. Fees may vary from what is listed here and are subject to change without notice.

Service Cost (estimated)
Doctor's office charge for signing and completing the health form $30 to $50
Chicken pox booster vaccine (if lab result shows non-immunity/non-reactive) $100 to $130
Hepatitis B booster vaccine (if lab result show non-immunity/non-reactive) $100 to $130
Two-step tuberculosis (TB) skin test $75 to $90
CPR Level C/HCP Course (provided by trainers approved by WSIB Ontario) $70 to $100
ParaMed service fees (for visits, cancelled/missed visits, mask fit testing, photocopies) As listed on the Placement Pass by ParaMed portal